Why Coworkstyle?

Joining the Coworkstyle network gives you access to the operational assistance required to build or expand your business all from the comfort of your workspace.

We empower you to work at your most efficient level with modern amenities and tech support with an unrivaled ambience to keep you relaxed during the toughest of days.

Over 60 physical work desks

Space to make your greatest impact.

Because we know that the world and the way businesses and people work are changing, we understand the need to quickly adapt for efficient operations and maximum impact.

Flexible virtual office

Flexible billing structure

Allowing you pay for what you need when you need it
Join our community

Trusted & comfortable
space for creative people.

Benefits of our coworking spaces.

We go the extra mile to provide an all encompassing environment with the above 3 elements at it’s very core.  

Our ability to adapt and help you maximize output, billing for only what is needed.

From advisory to loans, travel tickets to executive accommodation, marketing, technology or workforce training and more to help your
business grow.

What we are offering your business.

High speed internet

Fully equipped kitchen

Huge parking space

Conference rooms

Full security cameras

Communal Spaces


Fully equipped meeting rooms for rent

With all the technical support such as: lighting, fast internet, video projector, screens, Whiteboard, markers, adapters etc. Our meeting rooms will prevent you from renting more materials.

Hot or cold beverages during coffee breaks between meetings available at our lounge bar

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Creative people space is available.
Conference & meeting spaces available.
Seats are already occupied

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